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"I Love You" Collection

A special, limited-time collection designed for that special person! The "I Love You" Collection comes with our revolutionary Eye Cream, Cascade Under-Eye Roller, and Velvet Makeup Bag. 

Eye Cream

Our revolutionary eye cream contains four key trademarked actives in a botanical infusion of plant extracts. It is formulated with an abundance of smoothing, firming, and lifting ingredients that not only reduce crow’s feet wrinkles, but also fight puffiness, dark circles and improve elasticity. Instantly provides luminosity and restores the eye area to a more youthful appearance.

Cascade Under-Eye Roller

Cascade Under-Eye Roller is designed for the smooth surface under-eye to help lessen eye puffiness and dark circles, and promotes circulation with calming cool massage. This portable cosmetic tool is also handy to use for distributing eye-cream, serum or oil (not included). Simply store roller in a refrigerator, freezer, or with ice until cool and then gently massage under eyes. 

Velvet Makeup Bag

Our signature Hard Night Good Morning makeup bags are super stylish and perfect for taking your must have products with you.