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Founded in 2008 by D’Andra Simmons, Hard Night Good Morning®️ skin care products are the result of turning a personal tragedy into triumph! When D’Andra’s mother, Dee Simmons, was diagnosed with cancer in 1987, it forced both D’Andra and her mom to make changes first and foremost in their eating habits and to reevaluate their lifestyles. Deciding to educate themselves about nutrition, supplements and the skin, they traveled worldwide to undergo holistic treatments, study complementary and alternative medicine and to learn from chemists and doctors, plus indigenous people in faraway lands. Thirty-two years later, their lives are a testament to a road-less traveled and lives spent bettering the quality of life for all people through their company Ultimate Living, founded in 1996, which makes quality supplements for enhanced wellness and prevention of disease. To that end, D’Andra created a line of high-quality aloe-vera based skin care products that are inspired by Mother Nature plus her twenty-four years of experience in the nutrition and skin care industry. Hard Night Good Morning®️ is infused with the purest botanicals, a powerful delivery system and key actives at the highest percentages, which makes it one of the most effective skin care lines available today. Hard Night Good Morning®️ is the result of our founder D’Andra, working with her mother’s nutrition company and gaining many years of hands-on experience in the lab, meeting with raw material providers, interviewing countless women across the globe regarding their skin care concerns and secrets, plus constantly researching new and unique ingredients.

The line contains bio-active ingredients from plant extracts, herbs, minerals, and vitamins with proven clinical results that repair, restore and protect the skin. As a whole, Hard Night Good Morning®️ products provide solutions for anti-aging of the skin: wrinkle reduction, smoothing, improvement in elasticity, firmness, texture, brightness, and moisturization for an overall more youthful and improved complexion. Our products are highly researched, formulated for maximum efficacy, and regarded for their safety and value, enabling the consumer to feel confident in our cruelty-free, botanically-based, paraben, phosphate, sulfate, and phthalate-free products. With the innovation of science and a bit of gifted alchemy, our products work for you while you live your best life. Hard Night Good Morning®️ is the solution to looking like you had a full night’s sleep even if you barely got a wink or two. Go ahead and keep having your hard nights - we’ve got you!

Giving Back

’Andra is an avid philanthropist who supports many charitable organizations. Her husband, Jeremy Lock, is a USAF MSgt. Retired, and they work together to assist veterans’ achieve better quality of life after serving our country. She serves as a Global Ambassador for Mercury One and The Nazarene Fund, which has taken her to Iraq and Lebanon to visit with victims freed from ISIS captivity and other persecuted minorities. Her contributions include raising money for UNICEF (where she sits on the Great Plains Regional Board), the Salvation Army, and the Friends of Simmons Cancer Center. In 2011, D’Andra became one of the youngest women to receive the Distinguished Woman award by Northwood University in Michigan for her business achievements, community and humanitarian work. She supports causes that work to combat human trafficking, domestic violence, at-risk children, veterans and suicide prevention. A few times per year, Hard Night Good Morning will donate a portion of sales to organizations that align with the brand’s and D’Andra’s values.