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An Inside Scoop with Beauty Expert Olivia Roberts July 27, 2016 0 Comments

Hi y'all,

I'm Olivia, creator of That's Lovely, a fashion and beauty blog. I began blogging to share my love of fashion and beauty products with like minded gals like myself. I am so excited to be talking about Hard Night Good Morning today and sharing my experience with product, as it is one of my absolute favorite skincare lines.


I love trying out new products and I am often sent amazing and even high end beauty products to review and share with my readers. I will ALWAYS give an honest review and I am not afraid to say I don't like a product if that is how I truly feel. 


It's important to share that Hard Night Good Morning was not gifted to my blog, I was not paid to endorse or promote the product, I simply love it and stand by it completely. I can't rave enough how much I love this product. I have yet to find a makeup remover that compares to their PM Oil Cleanser. Nothing else gets my skin feeling clean and makeup free without making it feel dry or stripped, it really is a one-of-a-kind product. Hard Night Good Morning definitely has my stamp of approval. 


The Hard Night Good Morning 








THE CASE FOR TONER April 18, 2016 1 Comment

 Our skin’s purpose, as the largest body organ, is multifunctional. It is the first responder, of sorts, against environmental aggression from allergens, bacteria, pollutants, and every unknown and known stressor we encounter. This organ, known as the skin, covers every other organ in our body and is responsible for our supply of sweat and sebum (oily substance that protects the skin), as well as, the regulation of our pH. Skin must have an acid pH level in order to maintain its critical function. The normal pH of healthy skin ranges between 4.5 and 6.5., with the average being 5.5.


 When we wash our face, hands or any part of our skin’s surface with water, we automatically increase the skin’s pH. The skin then becomes alkaline, and depending on what we have used to “wash” with, it can take an hour or so to restore our skin’s pH to natural acidic levels. This process can wreak havoc on our face (think acne, dry skin, large pores, eczema and fungal infections) AND keep our other skin care products from working efficaciously. When you use a facial cleanser, you tend to strip the acid mantle - especially with what is mass produced for grocery and drug stores. Hard Night Good Morning skin care products are sulfate free, and thus much gentler on your skin.



Enter TONER, the skin savior!

 Toner returns your skin's pH back to "normal’ while helping to soothe the complexion and diminish the appearance of pores, by restoring the skin’s correct pH and its natural acid mantle. By using our Detox Toner, you bring your skin back to where it’s supposed to be, and prepare it to accept the next series of beauty treatments, which would be your serum and creams. So, in essence, it is pretty important, in fact, it is ESSENTIAL!

Most of us know that our diet affects our skin. Eating more ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) rich fruits and veggies can help maintain a beautiful complexion. Incorporating berries, greens, squashes and sweet potatoes into our diet are just a few of the superfoods that can help you to achieve flawless skin. However, eating them is just one way to get optimum benefits. The Hard Night Good Morning Detox Toner is revolutionary as it is a spray delivery system in a glass bottle, and it is packed with antioxidants such as fruit stem cells from pumpkin, strawberry, carrot, kiwi, and mango that nourish and protect your skin. Dragonfruit extract, South African Honeybush Tea, Khus extract, Malakite and more, also shield against free radicals in the environment. A BONUS-- Malakite acts as a natural sun shield! 





Our creator has given us a wonderful and unique body. The skin is just another example of the way God thought about every little detail. In order to protect this gift, we need to take care of it like the treasure that it is and that means avoiding harsh alkaline soaps and solvents and taking a more natural approach to skin care. So cleanse, DEFINITELY TONE and follow up with a moisturizer, such as the Hard Night Good Morning Daytime Moisturizer. Your skin will thank you with a glowing complexion!


What We Have in Common With the Ladies of the Himba Tribe-Hair Extensions April 12, 2016 0 Comments

The Himba Ladies spend a lot of time grooming one another. They are “all about” their appearance, which is one thing they have in common with the Texas ladies! The Himba women not only apply ochre stone (hematite) to their bodies for protection and beauty, they also take their hair seriously—and I mean to a whole new level! In Texas we are fond of our hair extensions. Well, guess what, so are the Himba ladies!

The difference between the Himba ladies and us is that they don’t have a beauty salon to patronize when an extension needs maintenance or falls out…they have each other. And just like the beauty shops and salons in the USA, this is a time for bonding, gossip, tedious braiding and fun! Each Himba lady gets a new set of extensions every few months just like the Texas ladies do. However, when it comes time to work on their hair, it’s is their “sisters” of the tribe that remove the old extensions and apply a new layer of butterfat, ochre and new extensions to keep their amazing “Dos”!




The Himba women have to buy their extensions in town at the store. There is no vendor that comes through the village peddling hair extensions for sale. This means that they have to walk or hitch a ride to the nearest town, which could be miles. This may require several overnights in the bush on their “hair pilgrimage”. The hair that is purchased in the local town is braided into their own hair after it is stripped of the butterfat and ochre coating with what felt and looked to me like talcum powder. Remember, they do not use water for bathing, as this is not part of their custom.

In the situation of regular hair maintenance, after the old hair is removed, the new hair is braided in, and then the new coating of butterfat and ochre is applied to make the hairstyle more beautiful. Historically, this amalgam was also applied to distinguish the women from the men. It is applied when the girls are old enough to be responsible hygienically. The women not only apply the ochre stone (hematite) to their hair, but also to their bodies for protection and beauty. Ochre is rumored to help with sun radiation, keeping the skin clean and to block hair growth on the body. Once women reach puberty, their heads are adorned with elaborate crowns made of cow or goat leather. These are “women only” rituals distinguishing them from the men.




On my recent trip this past summer, I was given the chore of helping to remove old extensions and braid in new ones on a lazy afternoon in the very hot Namibian sun. After getting a crash course in Himba hair braiding, I know all about what it means to “work your fingers to the bone!” As fun as this experience was, I am incredibly thankful that I get to sit in an air conditioned salon with my copy of US Weekly and People and check my emails, instead of taking turns at doing hair maintenance in the hot sun in a remote African village.

Just like time spent with girlfriends here at home, my time with the Himba Ladies of Namibia was girly and fun. I have found that sharing experiences and most of all, “doing” activities together helps me to bond with women anywhere in the world. I definitely decided that a career move to hair stylist was not for me! I shared photos of myself with long hair, and the women touched my silky straight hair and taught me how to braid. They helped me to put the ochre and butterfat mixture on my skin, so I became an honorary Himba lady for a day. We learned a little about one another and made memories that I will treasure for a lifetime.

As I write this I am itching for my next African adventure! Stay tuned! You never know when I will be on the road again.



In my previous blog, I wrote about what I learned from the Ladies of the Himba Tribe of Namibia, and how I incorporated their beauty secrets into my Hard Night Good Morning Nighttime Moisturizer by adding Hematite to the formula. Today, I would like to share what they learned from me!
My husband, Jeremy Lock and I visited with the Himba Tribe on our trip to Africa in August of 2015. Jeremy is a photojournalist, and I learned from him that in order to really get a good story it is necessary to visit with your subjects more than a few times so that you can earn their trust. Then they really start to relax in your presence. Once this is accomplished, they will go about their days as they would on any normal day, instead of “performing” or “acting” for the camera. A good photojournalist captures something that “happens” when nothing is really “happening”!
Whether my husband and I are traveling together on an assignment or project he is working on or we are working together in our various humanitarian responsibilities, my role is to integrate with the women in the culture within which we find ourselves. To live as they are living, I immerse myself into their society and practice their daily duties with them. That integration usually includes some type of food preparation, child care activity and a list of daily chores, which are part of their local customs. We might have to fetch water a long way from the village, garden or farm some land, and of course, there is housekeeping in every culture! We all know that cooking brings people together, and I find that after I have helped in the preparation of a meal, I am endeared towards these women as sisters.


What did the Himba ladies want to know about my beauty routine?  Because I had removed my hair extensions before our trip, that wasn’t of interest to them. Due to the language barrier, I couldn’t really explain what I did with them or how they were applied, so that wasn’t a topic to bond over (no pun intended). However, they giggled as they touched my silky straight hair.  
Makeup…that was the thing we REALLY bonded about. They shared their red ochre (Hematite) powder and butterfat with me and applied it to my skin, making me an Honorary Himba. I brought my makeup kit and shared my various beauty products with them. They didn’t wear any eye makeup or lipstick at all, and they didn’t understand why I wore makeup. They thought it was silly—a lot of men probably feel the same way-Ha! Ha!
The two products they were most curious about were my mascara and eyeliner. They kept touching my eyelashes and asking why I would put this black stuff on my lashes and around my eyes. It was a fun girly moment between us. I showed them how I applied the liner and mascara and tried to do the best in showing them “before” and “after” photos of myself, so they could see that as a Caucasian woman my eyes didn’t really “pop” without some extra oomph in the form of an eye pencil and a lash lengthener/enhancer! They got a real kick out of my eyelash curler too! Besides me, I don’t think many foreign women in the middle of the African desert, make getting “dolled up” each morning a priority. Oh well, old habits die hard…especially in Texas. Unfortunately, I was not traveling with false lashes. I had to eliminate something on the trip—there is a charge for excess baggage (please, God, don’t let my husband read this)! False eyelashes would have been a HUGE hit with these lovely ladies.


In the end, like most women and girls do, we had fun playing a form of “dress up” or “makeover”. In my travels and as a beauty expert, I have found that women across the world bond in many ways.  Sharing beauty secrets is just another one of those ways. We all have them, and we all enjoy trading them. Whether you are a simple girl who only likes to use one brand of soap, or if you cover your body from head to toe in red ochre and butterfat like the Himba ladies, or if you have a rigorous beauty routine like me, it doesn’t really matter; we all have our opinions and tips on how to feel our most beautiful .The Himba ladies have their secrets and I have mine. Now we have shared these with each other and they are no longer secrets. They are a common knowledge and experience we share as sisters in a special “beauty bond”!
*Please read my next blog where you will read about what the Himba Ladies had in common with American women and with me, and how I endeared myself to them, so they felt comfortable asking me about my beauty secrets.

Beauty Secret's Learned with Himba Women in Africa. January 22, 2016 2 Comments

Photos By Jeremy Lock™

My husband and I spent five weeks in Africa in 2015. Two of those five weeks were spent traveling in Namibia with our guide and friend Jaco van der Westhuizen of African Days, a Namibian travel company. My husband is a photojournalist, and he really wanted to spend some time with the Himba tribe, an indigenous people that call the Namibian desert region home. The Himba are one of Southern Africa's last traditionally living pastoral tribes who live according to the traditions and customs of their ancestors. They live very distant from the "modern-western" world. Although they have contact with western society, the Himba people have managed to maintain their traditional culture and lifestyle.

One of the interesting facts about the Himba women is that they do not bathe. The area in which they live is accustomed to droughts. The men traditionally are the only people allowed to bathe in their culture and to this day, the women take a daily smoke bath in order to maintain personal hygiene. Despite this fact, the women are some of the most beautiful in all of Africa and oddly enough, they do not smell the way Westerners would expect them to. They have a sweet smoky smell that is quite pleasant and inoffensive.

The typography of The Namib Desert is ancient, severe and beautiful all at the same time. It will grace you with dust, drought, stifling heat and harsh conditions. It will deprive you of necessities like water and food. However, in the harsh conditions emerges the beauty that you see in the typography, the landscape that has produced such treasures as the Namib Sand Sea and the Skeleton Coast.

The same beauty can be seen in the tribe of the Himba people, whose women use the stone of the ochre to beautify their bodies. They mix the ochre with butterfat to make something they call otjize. It is sometimes scented with aromatic resin. The Himba women apply this mixture each day to their skin and hair, giving them a distinctive red hue. It is considered their “makeup” so to speak, and according to them is used for aesthetic purposes only and to distinguish them from the men. However, the ochre is actually Hematite. Hematite is made from iron and ochre is its powdered form. Hematite has many important beauty benefits including blocking hair growth on the body, possibly repelling insects and protection from the sun, which in the Himba’s harsh climate is a definite advantage.

Why is Hematite important to me? When researching my product line, Hard Night Good Morning®, I searched the world over for unique and effective ingredients, and Hematite was one of the ingredients I chose for my Nighttime Moisturizer. Hematite has amazing regenerative capacity and is a known healer of wounds and bruises. It helps with collagen 1 synthesis, and restores the radiance and tone of skin. It is called an “anti-aging” jewel. Combined with vitamin C as it is in our Nighttime Moisturizer, Hematite helps to optimize production of good quality and functional collagen, helping to fill wrinkles in-depth, for a plumping effect on the skin. As we age we lose collagen in our skin. This is the main reason we “appear” our age. Hematite combined with vitamin C restores the skin’s texture and tone and smoothes and renews the skin to give you a more youthful ageless appearance.

The Himba are a tribe in Southern Africa whose customs have transcended time and technology to maintain a tribal lifestyle that has been virtually unchanged since the 16th century. It’s amazing to think that with their primitive lifestyle, their women found a timeless beauty secret in Hematite. This secret can be yours too just by trying our Nighttime Moisturizer!

What Is Your Eating Age? March 19, 2015 1 Comment


I'm not perfect and I don't plan on giving up my favorite foods (in moderation of course). Life is short, I plan to enjoy it and food is my ultimate passion in life. I have been a home cook since I was a little girl and I am pretty good at it! Just ask my husband and he will tell you being married has not been easy on his waistline, although he loves my cooking! We all indulge in foods that are not good for us from time to time. What is my ultimate downfall?? Hands down, it's French Fries. I don't care about sweets, but give me a salty stick of potatoey goodness and I am smitten for life!

Unfortunately, a poor diet can lead to the acceleration of your skin's aging process and that is the last thing we all want. You and I both want to look fabulous no matter what (unless there is a French Fry a few feet away from me). Good thing I have Hard Night Good Morning to combat my weak culinary cravings. Hard Night Good Morning has a compilation of exotic ingredients and a unique line of products that can battle negative side affects from your favorite foods. Below are some foods that can make you look older. Don't worry, because we have your back!

SWEETS! Eating more sugar than your cells can handle starts a process called glycation. Glycation damages skin's collagen, the protein that keeps your skin youthful and firm. Our Facial Cocktail Serum can save your sweet tooth. This product is a "one stop shop" for lifting, tightening and toning and can combat damaged collagen to provide an instant, all-natural glow. 

Let's party! We all can enjoy a night out, but if you had a little too much fun, listen up! A healthy liver means healthy skin. When toxins build up in the liver it leads to acne and wrinkles. Alcohol is also dehydrating and has a poor effect on your sleeping rhythm, which also accelerates aging. Had a late night? Use our Detox Mineral Masque to detox those clogged pores, combat environmental damage and overall aging. 

For the carnivores…Charred meat contains pro-inflammatory hydrocarbons. These hydrocarbons cause inflammation and break down our precious collagen. Our moisturizers are your perfect remedy for meataholics!  Daytime Moisturizer contains Alguard®, which is a red algae that targets pro-inflammatory conditions in the skin. Our Nighttime Moisturizer hydrates your skin and rebuilds your collagen while you sleep, to recapture your youthful glow.

Salt, salt, salt! Salt causes our skin to retain water, therefore making us look puffy. You can combat fluid retention with our  Daytime Moisturizer and Eye Cream. The Daytime Moisturizer improves skin hydration and elasticity to reveal a more youthful glow and helps to "de-puff" yourself (great for someone like me who likes her fries). The  Eye Cream minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by dehydration. It also reduces puffiness and dark circles thanks to our special caffeine, arnica and peptide concoction.

Feeling the heat? Spicy foods (my second biggest downfall) aggravates rosacea prone skin. If you eat spicy food regularly it can lead to flare-ups, which leads to puffiness. For any situation, our Daytime Moisturizer will be your own personal rescue remedy because it tames rosacea prone skin so you don't have to worry about occasional flare-ups!

No matter how hard you are on your skin, be good to yourself and replenish your skin with Hard Night Good Morning skin care. Take it from me, a woman who knows food and loves her skin too! Enjoy your life, your passion for food (in balance) and enjoy having beautiful skin!

Modern-Day Coffins February 16, 2015 0 Comments


Spring is around the corner and what does that mean? Shorts weather! Everyone wants to look their best and that means getting their tan back. This is the time of year when people start hitting the tanning beds. Before you lather up and throw on the awful alien goggles consider this, tanning beds are BAD for you skin and overall health.

Is getting a tan worth the increased risk of skin cancer and premature aging? Listen up people! This is SO simple…tanning beds lead to cancer, even eye cancer! This was even a new one to me. Not only do tanning beds cause cancer, they cause premature aging. UV rays cause the skin to lose elasticity, which leads to wrinkles. The loss of skin elasticity has been linked to the reduction in overall immunity strength. Therefore, the less elastic your skin, the higher the risk of developing other diseases.

So how dangerous is tanning? These "modern-day coffins" have joined ranks with crash diets and texting-and-driving. The risk of developing skin Melanoma increases after just one blistering sunburn, and contrary to popular belief, it is possible to get a sunburn in a tanning bed. Your eyes also have an increased risk of developing cataracts and corneal burns even with the funky goggles! 

Tanning beds are especially dangerous for younger users. Younger skin faces a higher risk of skin damage, because younger bodies experience a faster growth rate, leaving their cells more prone to damage. 

Here are some scary stats: 

-Skin Cancer is the #1 most common cancer in the US

-Skin Cancer is the #2 killer of women 

-1 person dies every 57 minutes from Skin Cancer

It is never to late to start doing the right thing for your skin and overall health. So make a springtime resolution and cancel your tanning membership. Put is towards the gym instead. You will save some $$ and save your hide! If your face has suffered the consequences of too much tanning, you can rebuild your skin elasticity with Hard Night Good Morning's Facial Cocktail Serum and Nighttime Moisturizer. These products have ingredients to promote collagen 1 synthesis and increase fibroblast production of pro-collagen. Plus the Facial Cocktail Serum is your "one stop shop" for lifting, toning and tightening the skin while providing an instant, all-natural glow. Here's to happy, healthy skin! 



The Power of a Positive Detox January 30, 2015 0 Comments

Hard Night Good Morning has searched around the world for the best ingredients that benefit your skin. Our Detox Mineral Masque should be your weekly weapon against clogged pores, environmental damage and aging. The masque is clay based and full of ingredients you would never know help your skin. Sea salt strengthens the dermis, sapindus mukrossi fruit extract is a antibacterial and protects against those pesky free radicals. The MalaKite™ stabilizes pH levels of the skin, and protects against accelerated aging from oxidative damage. For best results, give the masque 25 to 30 minutes to feel and see major improvement. 

For a cosmetic overhaul inside and out, you can also try Ultimate Living's Anti-Aging Formula, our own internal cosmetic. These power packed capsules are an excellent nutritional supplement for your skin, containing cutting edge ingredients to help your skin maintain that youthful glow and feel! The formula helps increase skin smoothness and promotes soft, plump, and tight skin. It is your internal defense to decrease fine lines, wrinkles and dry skin with a host of ingredients to help restore skin's natural oils and prevent premature aging.

DMAE, a super antioxidant, helps prevent the formation of age spots or liver spots, as they are also called. Another important ingredient is pomegranate seed extract. These little seeds go a long way! Pomegranate seeds help protect and repair you skin through cell regeneration. Pomegranates also have sun protective compounds that protect the skin from free radicals. The antioxidants in these little seeds are a small miracle for your skin. And most importantly we have added collagen complex. Collagen is a complex structural protein that maintains strength and flexibility throughout the body and is super important for your skin! Promoting collagen synthesis is a key component of many skin care anti-aging ingredients. We all lose collagen as we age and this is a way to put a little back every day! 

Start the New Year off right with a consistent detox and anti-aging regimen that works! These products help maintain glowing skin, promote a youthful appearance, and protect from potential threats from the environment. Hard Night Good Morning and Ultimate Living can help you get on track.

The AM Cleanser! November 12, 2014 0 Comments

Thank you Tiffany Hendra. We love Sanctuary of Style!

This is an important time of year to pay special attention to our skincare regimen so if you're in a rut- try a new cleanser. I recently started using the chemical free, all natural, aloe based skincare line- Hard Night Good Morning by D'Andra Simmons. I especially love the AM Cleanser! It's an antioxidant rich exfoliating cleanser enhanced with jojoba beads to gently slough off dead skin cells and leave skin glowing. You feel like you're giving yourself an at home mini facial every single day! 




Jojoba versus Plastic Beads for Exfoliating August 05, 2014 1 Comment

Hard Night Good Morning AM CleanserA hot topic which is currently making the Internet skin care chat scene is about the tiny plastic beads in some cleansers, and how bad they are for the environment. Not only are they bad for the environment, but they are also bad for your skin. These tiny little exfoliators are made of polyethylene beads. These are also used to make plastic bags and children’s toys. Now, let me ask you? Do you really want to exfoliate your skin with a plastic bag or a lego?

Cell turnover is necessary for radiant skin, and gentle exfoliation is essential for cell renewal. It is important to know that harsh, abrasive scrubs containing ingredients like polyethylene beads, apricot seeds and pecan or walnut hulls can thin the skin over time by microscopically tearing it over and over. If you live in the Sunbelt like I do, you are asking for double trouble as you can expose the skin to more sun damage if you don’t lather up on a regular basis with sunscreen…regular meaning several times per day if your skin is not protected by sunscreen, foundation and powder. Lots of spackle and paste!

A healthy alternative to these harsh abrasive plastic bead cleansers and exfoliators is the Hard Night Good MorningAM Cleanser with jojoba beads!

According to WiseGeek.com, “Jojoba beads are used in soaps, scrubs, and cleansers intended to exfoliate the skin. Due to their shape, the beads are more gentle than other ingredients commonly used in this type of product, such as nutshells, and so do not irritate or damage the skin or leave it open to bacteria.”

After years of research and proven effectiveness of my own personal use, I am confident that Hard Night Good Morning AM Cleanser is the best product available to achieve this dual purpose of cleansing by effectively removing dirt and makeup, while gently exfoliating each day to slough off the dead skin cells and reveal a healthy glow! One of our best sellers, AM Cleanser, is also one of the best products for your skin and is also good for the environment, a win-win on all sides of the equation! 

Skin Saver Tips on Wearing SPF July 03, 2014 0 Comments

Summer is definitely here, and that means time at the lake and the beach for our family. The 4th of July is a big holiday for us because my husband served our country in the Air Force for 21 years. We are very bullish on celebrating our independence and freedoms that we enjoy because of the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform. This time of the year our celebrating is always outside, and that means exposure to the elements.

In celebration of the 4th, we are heading to a lake in central Texas with friends. This will mean tubing on the river at the back door of our cabin, grilling out, golf and biking to the local wineries and breweries in the area. My husband and I are “outdoorsy” sort of people. We like to play sports, hike, surf and other activities, especially if they involve any sort of competition! We are extremely competitive with our friends and sometimes with each other.

We all know it is important to wear SPF to protect our skin year round, but summer is when I lather it on and reapply. If you are outside, you need to reapply every 30 minutes or so to be safe. This may sound too frequent, but in clinical studies for SPF to actually work the way it is designed, optimally you would reapply every 15 minutes. Being that no one is going to actually do this, I recommend every 30 minutes. If you’re unable to stick to that schedule and are going to be outside for long periods of time, then I would recommend reapplying your SPF once per hour. Trust me, your skin will thank you for your diligence.

Is it important to wear your Daytime Moisturizer under your SPF or mixed in with your SPF?... Absolutely! Hard Night Good Morning’s Daytime Moisturizer is designed without SPF so you can choose the protection that is right for you. Those with very irritated skin or acne many times cannot use SPF at all, as it exacerbates the inflammatory conditions of the skin and will make their problems worse.

All Natural Daytime Moisturizer Skin Care

The good news is that the Daytime Moisturizer is made for those persons who have normal or sensitive skin. It is essential that after using your Detox Toner (another step that should not be missed as it balances the pH of your skin) you apply your moisturizer before your SPF. The Daytime Moisturizer has anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Alguard®, which is a red marine algae that not only helps to calm the skin, but also provides UV protection itself naturally as a byproduct of undergoing photosynthesis. In addition, the Daytime Moisturizer is chock full of other ingredients that are healing, calming, anti-aging, moisturizing and hydrating to the skin. Some examples are Allantoin®, Argan Oil, Pro-Coll One+® (stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin making it smoother) and baobab. Tip: For a lighter moisturizer in the summer, the Daytime Moisturizer can be used at night and you will still reap the benefits of the anti-aging ingredients in the formula.

So get out there and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and the summer holiday! Don’t forget to use your Hard Night Good Morning regimen faithfully by not skipping key steps, and ALWAYS use your Daytime Moisturizer under your SPF! Happy Summer Ya’ll!!

How to Apply False Eyelashes June 17, 2014 0 Comments

You’re going out for a night on the town with the girls, and you’re in the mood to try something new with your look. Why not add some extra volume to your lashes? There is no better way to instantly “glam it up” than by adding some false lashes to make those baby blues shine!

As a skin care guru/junkie, I’m often asked a number of skin care questions, but my number one question that I’m ALWAYS asked is, “D’Andra how do you put on false eyelashes?” I find that many women are intimidated and scared of the so called “crazy eyelash lady,” but putting on false eyelashes isn’t really as difficult as it seems. It can make a huge difference in your look, and the way your makeup and eyes appear. In the end, it just takes time and practice. The whole process should take less than 5 minutes. Once you get the steps down and find what works best for you, you’ll be set to go.

A little pointer – The secret to putting on false lashes is about knowing your eye shape. This is extremely important! For example, I have round eyes. I wear a longer false eyelash that fans upwards. Try to avoid lashes that are thick because it could end up making your eyes look smaller.

The other standard eye shapes are almond, hooded and mono. Almond shape is universally the easiest eye to lash, and you fortunate ladies can wear voluminous lashes that fan outwards or individual lashes on the outer corners of your eyes to make them even more cat-like in appearance. Hooded eyes need long and short stranded lashes. Make sure the longest lashes meet right above the pupil. Women with hooded shaped eyes can “prime time” it by wearing lashes on the bottom corners of the eyes as well…extra sexy! Women with mono eyes (no crease) should definitely consider wearing false eyelashes, and even getting permanent extensions. Lashes create the look of a crease for you. Monolidded ladies can experiment with almost every style of lash depending on what suits you, because your eyes are very versatile and you can pretty much choose your lashes with your mood.

So get out there and “prime time” it next time you are headed out hunting or just feel like a fresh new look. Remember, the eyes are the window to the soul, so you may as well make the window dressing glam! Check out this video tutorial I put together for all you beauties out there that are trying to learn “how to put on false eyelashes.”  


Freshen Up in a Flash April 11, 2014 1 Comment

If you're a Hard Night Good Morning girl, you know how hard it can be to keep looking fresh and glamorous all day long. From racing to meetings, running errands, fitting in workouts.there's simply not enough time in the day. And when you've got somewhere to be looking fabulous, but no time to get ready? Majorly stressful.

Here are a few easy things you can do to take your all day look from drab to fab when you've got no time to spare:

Brighten up those eyes.  Pat a little Hard Night Good Morning eye cream under the eyes to moisten, reinvigorate stale concealer, and loosen any under-eye liner that got smudgy. Then, tissue off any remaining residue and apply a touch of concealer to the inner under eyes (that's the darkest spot and lightening that up instantly brightens eyes). Finally, spread the concealer along the under eye lash line to get rid of any redness if it's been one of those eye-rubbing long days.

Pucker up. Have a sheer, shimmery gold lip gloss on hand so you can apply it over your daytime lipstick to transform your look for night. Look for a shade of gold that's more yellow than subtle (too subtle of a gold and will make lips muddy paired with your previous lip color). Also look for a little shine, but nothing too glittery. You want your lips to look like they're barely sparkling, not costume-y.

Mind your tresses. If you have to fit in a workout during your lunch break, or after work and before an event and don't have time to wash your hair, dry shampoo will become your best friend. Just sprinkle (or dust with a powder brush) along the roots of your hair, wait a few minutes, and then brush and style as you normally would.  As a recommendation, try Blaine's Dry Shampoo! It's one of our favorites! 

Beautification Modifications April 01, 2014 1 Comment

Monday afternoon I was catching up with my husband as we drove in the car to Houston (4 hour drive), and, of course, I was frantically trying to apply my makeup for that evening’s Fotofest Auction Gala in the 3rd hour of the drive. The gala was to begin at 5:00 p.m. In the midst of our conversation, he asked me about how long and how much left I would have to do to myself to be ready for the gala once we arrived at the hotel. I smirked at him, twisted my neck and said, you mean my “beautification modifications?” He peered at me and said, “Excuse me?”  I replied, “My beautification modifications…you know, to finish my beauty regimen and be ready for tonight.”  “Yeah, that thing,” he said. I told him I would need at least 30 minutes, which in “D’Andra world” translates to an hour or so, and thankfully he knows that! I mean well, but I tend to get distracted and nervous when I need to look great for a special occasion, especially one that is all about him!

So, I thought about this term “Beautification Modifications” that I just coined (at least in my mind) and what it meant. It sounds like a building renovation project or a landscape update. Well, in the land of aesthetics, we are constantly updating, remolding, lifting, tightening, spackling and pasting to look a certain way, especially in Texas.  I mean, all kinds of things fit into this arena.

On that particular day, in that particular situation, I was able to do most of my makeup in the car, minus my eyelashes, or most certainly there would be glue all over my face, the car and most probably the car windshield! Eyelash application is not to be attempted in the car! In addition to that, I had to get completely dressed, which required a careful attempt at putting on stockings with a back-seam…always a fun venture, and hair extensions that were to be clipped in, since I am taking a break from the permanent ones for the moment (I relish my good sleep and sometimes it is fleeting with hair extensions, at least in the first week or so!).

After these items were checked off the list, it was time to pick jewelry (with my husband, Jeremy’s help), a handbag (I always have 2 options) and apply the red lipstick that is always precarious unless done at the end of a beauty regime! I always say, “Kiss me now, so I don’t look like a clown later and we both have red lipstick all over our faces.” After all these things were done, I was finally ready to attend the gala with my husband! You know what the best part of the entire process was? His beaming face when he saw the finished product and said to me, “Honey, you look absolutely stunning and I am so proud to be by your side tonight.”

Beautification Modifications:  The ways in which we preen and primp so we feel beautiful …for ourselves first, but, of course, so we appear beautiful to others too! I mean who doesn’t like a good compliment? So, go out there and feel fine about your own “beautification modifications”.  I mean, the canvas is only the place to start ;) wink, wink!

Find out about nature’s secret: The anti-aging ingredient for skin March 14, 2014 0 Comments

Skin care is competitive and consumers are savvy. They are becoming more and more educated thanks to the Internet and the wide array of information, good and bad, that it provides. With so many abundant choices today in the skin care world, multiple reviews online, and sites that dedicate themselves to refuting and supporting their favorite brands,  it is important to know what you are really seeking in a skin care line, and even down to a skin care line’s key ingredients. What matters to you….think about it!

Nature’s secret ingredient

One of our star ingredients in our best-selling Hard Night Good Morning Daytime Moisturizer, red algae, is one that you can readily research online to find its features and benefits.  There are many types of algaes and red algaes, but in my opinion, and in many other people’s opinion online, ours is the best. We use Alguard®, made by Frutarom. Frutarom has created Alguard® by extracting a polysaccharide from the red algae that protects not only the algae in nature from draught, extremes in temperature and environmental changes and the sun’s harmful UVB rays, but will also protect your skin.

What others say about Alguard® red algae

Here is a run-down of what Alguard® is and what is can do for your skin from www.articlearn.com.

“The molecular composition of Alguard ®contains negatively charged glucoronic acid, which forms a mesh-like protective surface evenly across the skin. When someone puts Alguard® on their skin, the effect is both immediately noticeable, and provides protection over the long-term. Within thirty minutes of applying Alguard®, the skin begins to look noticeably younger, with the effect lasting all day. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is typically reduced by 20 percent, with a 24 percent improvement in the skin’s texture. After application of Alguard®, the skin is glowing and revitalized.
Alguard® guards the skin in three ways over the long-term to promote the facial health and vitality. Frutarom calls the first effect InsultGuard; Alguard® protects the skin against environmental irritants, oxidation and inflammatory agents. Over the long term, evidence suggests that InsultGuard minimizes the effects of aging.
MicroGuard is the second effect Alguard® has on the skin. Alguard® actually prevents microbes from adhering to the skin. The fewer problems that your skin must defend against, the less potential there is for long term damage, such as scaring due to acne.” A third effect of Alguard® is called SunGuard. As with the algae it is designed to protect, Alguard® protects the skin from damaging sun rays, which have been associated with skin damage.”

And from www.a-read.com:

Benefits of Using Alguard™

“The polysaccharide has multiple uses and benefits for the skin. For instance, it can protect the skin against irritants and prevent it from oxidation. It protects the skin against the damaging rays of the sun and prevents the adhesion of microorganisms on the skin surface. When it comes to beauty, it enhances the texture of the skin by reducing roughness seconds after application. It also reduces the visibility of wrinkles to promote a younger look and gives the skin surface a glossy appearance.”

Skin conditions Alguard® skin care products treat

Alguard® is the perfect ingredient for sensitive and acne prone skin. Believe it or not, at least half of the women that I meet and advise in the skin care business have sensitive skin, rosacea or acne…many times adult onset acne. One of the dermatologists I studied under made a very interesting point when he said, “sensitive skin always is made, not born.” He goes on to point out that “except for those skin conditions associated with an immune problem such as atopic dermatitis and a few others, sensitive skin results from three factors: environmental insults, too much soap and too many cosmetic products.

Our all natural Daytime Moisturizer with Alguard®

Our all natural Daytime Moisturizer has been formulated with Alguard® specifically for sensitive skin and skin prone to acne, rosacea or any other irritating conditions.  It can be used morning and night, and provides a natural way to get a little sun protection without using an SPF. This is the only moisturizer I pack when I travel, as it covers it all… moisturization, hydration, anti-inflammation and is an anti-oxidant. It is great for rough skin, and is the perfect anti-aging ingredient to combat wrinkles and keep our skin smooth as we age.

Everyone can use Hard Night Good Morning’s Daytime Moisturizer. It is the perfect product to try if you are new to the Hard Night Good Morning all natural skin care line or just a skin care junkie! Trust me…you will become and addict!

- D'Andra Simmons

Detoxing Your Body – 4 Ways to Eliminate Toxins Naturally March 05, 2014 0 Comments

Detoxing your body is a healthy process that many people tend to misconstrue. Cleansing your body can be as simple as adding certain foods to your diet or like most, not eating enough (which is a big NO NO!). When you detox your body in a healthy way, you neutralize acids and other toxins, such as sugars, chemicals, and food additives. By flushing theses type of toxins out of your system, you will not only lead your body to better health, but you’ll feel emotionally healthy at the same time.

What are toxins?


The word toxin refers to poisonous substances produced by certain plants, animals, and bacteria. “So to say that foods such as sugars or processed foods are toxins is not correct. It’s more accurate to say that too much of a substance can be unhealthy.” – Dietitian Jennifer Ventrelle (New Beauty Magazine)  

Examples of toxins include:

  • fried foods
  • processed white flour
  • convenience based foods
  • alcohol

Symptoms of needing to detox include:

  • feeling stressed
  • bloated
  • dry skin
  • fatigued
  • tired
  • sagginess in the skin
  • anxiety

In order to actually reap the benefits of detoxing, many studies have shown that it is best to make detoxing a part of your daily routine. By making small changes to your diet such as eating organic foods when applicable, selecting high-fiber foods and drinking lots of water can easily start you in the right direction.

Eliminating toxins

Our body has six elimination systems – the kidneys, lungs, liver, bowels + intestines, lymphatic system + skin that signals our body that something is not working correctly.

4 ways to eliminate toxins naturally

  1. Ways to eliminate toxins in your liver

  2. Ways to eliminate toxins in your kidneys

  3. Ways to eliminate toxins in your intestines/colon

  4. Ways to eliminate toxins in your lymphatic system and skin

    Hard Night Good Morning is an all-natural aloe vera based skin care line that helps minimize unwanted results of aging, so you feel and look your best. Aloe vera has been touted as one of the earth’s miracle plants. Used as a treatment for both internal and external conditions, this plant has been used as a healing remedy for many centuries. It has been known to help with the healing of skin burns, reduces inflammation, aids in weight loss, relieves the body from arthritis, assists in alleviation of ulcers and gastrointestinal disease, and has anticancer properties. The skin is the largest body organ, and therefore absorbs the most toxins. As a result, our aloe vera based products can help reduce toxin build-up over time, therefore reducing the risk of developing the above symptoms.

    Share the Love Photo Contest February 17, 2014 0 Comments

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    Organizing Your Beauty Products February 12, 2014 0 Comments

    Organizing your makeup products will make your morning (or going out) routine easier, faster and less stressful.
    Here’s how:

    First, sort through all of your products. Identify products that may be old or dried out and toss them. Take inventory: do you need to replace that item, or are you better off trying something new? And what about that cosmetics case? Remember, just as your makeup brushes harbor acne-inducing bacteria, so does the container that you keep them in. Either wash out the container or bag with warm water and gentle soap, or replace it.

    Next, after you’ve figured out what’s staying and what’s not, organize all of the same types of items together. If you’re a lip gloss connoisseur or eye liner junkie, keep them together. Compartmentalize each “category” in separate little cases so that they’re easy to track down. No more digging through to find that miniature tube of mascara! 

    Lastly, try to reduce the amount of products that you carry in your handbag for touch-ups. There’s really no need to stash a bunch of different blushes, lipsticks, etc. with the thought that “one day” they might come in handy. If you rarely use it now, you’re not going to use it in the future either. Instead of filling your makeup bag to the brim, pack only a few necessary items. 

    D'Andra's Beauty Favorites January 31, 2014 0 Comments


    1. Hard Night Good Morning PM Oil Cleanser - "I love adding a few dabs of the PM Oil Cleanser to my Nighttime Moisturizer. It gives it that little bit of extra moisture that I need during the cold weather."
    2. TOMS Snow Leopard Women's Vegan Classics - "Being that I'm always on the go, I love wearing my TOMS because they're super comfortable and they have a latex sponge arch insert for support."
    3. Hard Night Good Morning Nighttime Moisturizer - "My favorite nighttime product!"
    4. Essie Damsel in a Dress Nail Polish - "I love this color because it adds a killer look to any outfit."
    5. NARS Velvet Lip Pencil in Red - "I love reds! This lip pencil makes the perfect lipstick and lip pencil all in one."
    6. Blaine's Salon Dry Shampoo - "This is a great product for a girl that's always on the run. It's a quick and easy spray that adds shine to your hair after a bad hair day."
    7. Bobbie Brown Brow Shaper and Hair Touch-Up in Rich Brown - "I love this cream-gel formula. It creates the perfect definition to my brows."
    8. Ultimate Living's Hair, Skin, and Nail Formula - "I've used this product for years! It provides optimum nourishment for my hair, skin and nails."

    A Video Selfie that You'll Just Love December 31, 2013 0 Comments

    Click to see this testimonial from a customer that sent us a video on why she
    LOVES Hard Night Good Morning Skin Care!

    Benefits of Using Natural Oils on Your Skin December 19, 2013 0 Comments

    Oil is Your Friend


    In the winter we are normally drier inside and out due to climate changes and being subjected to radiators and heating systems indoors where we live and work. While these are essential to our comfort, they can wreak havoc on our skin. Some of the ways I combat the new seasonal surroundings are by sticking to my routine of taking oils internally, and adding them externally to my skin care products and my baths etc.

    For example, I take fish oil and flax oil every day. I take flax oil in the morning with my breakfast and fish oil in the afternoon with my lunch. By the way, 3g of fish oil each day is recommended by dermatologists to stave off acne, psoriasis and eczema. Please note, if you have extreme or persistent dry skin it can sometimes be an early sign of hypothyroidism, sarcoidosis (inflammatory disease), lymphoma or basic essential fatty acid deficiency. In any case, if you have severe or persistent dry skin you need to pay a visit to your physician.

     MY GO-TO PRODUCT FOR DRY WINTER SKIN?? Of course, I am partial to my Hard Night Good Morning product, the PM Oil Cleanser/Makeup Remover. I formulated this product as a quadruple threat to remove makeup, cleanse and moisturize skin and use on dry skin and hair. It is a miracle! In addition to olive oil, it is formulated with a host of other oils including sea buckthorn oil, avocado oil, almond oil, tamanu oil, argan oil, frankincense and triphala oil. It is also chock full of antioxidants such as red marine algae and acai. This product is a lifesaver in the winter as well as while traveling. When I was in India for a month this was my go-to product for dryness, and to use on my hair instead of packing extra hair oil…voilà, problem solved!

    During the winter months I also take olive oil baths. Take ¼ cup of olive oil and then a few drops of your favorite essential oil. I am an “aromatherapy fiend”, so I have around 50 plus scents to choose from, but the most popular for baths tend to be the relaxing ones like lavender. You can find singular oils and relaxation blends at your local natural market or online. If you are feeling stuffy during the winter months, or have a cold coming on, try adding some eucalyptus. Also, when you are dry you can rub the olive oil into your skin and even use it to moisturize your hair and nails and lips. You don’t have to go to the spa. You can just bring the spa home to your bathroom!

    Feel free to comment with any specific questions you may have!

    - D'Andra

    The Best Natural Skin Care Regimen December 18, 2013 0 Comments

    Get tighter, brighter, amazing looking skin in just 30 Days! See the difference in your skin after ONLY 30 DAYS of using our Hard Night Good Morning Skin Care regimen. Shop at hardnightgoodmorning.com and receive 20% OFF now-thru Dec.31st.
    Aloe Vera Based. Gluten Free. Paraban Free. Sulfate Free. Phthalate Free. Phosphate Free. Vegan Skin Care.

    Excuse Me, But Are You Going to Drink That? October 25, 2013 0 Comments

    As some of you may know, I’m a woman that enjoys a sophisticated beverage every once in while, along with being a food guru at heart. I’ve grown up traveling the world with life long friends, wining and dining at some of the best restaurants around.  I’ve also had my fair share of ladies’ nights (girls you know who you are) dining out with friends and dancing my Jimmy Choo’s off. I am a free spirited woman that embraces my age… being over 40. I am: confident, intelligent and open to adventure. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that age has its limitations; that’s what brought me to understand that skin care and being healthy are key essentials in leading a fulfilled life.
    As a career woman I’ve had long days where meetings and traveling gets the best of me. Sometimes a glass of wine just doesn’t cut it!  I’m all about nutrition, and although I am a true Texas girl that loves a strong margarita, I believe in finding alternatives to healthier beverage options. The effects of alcohol on your skin are more than just the short-term bags underneath your eyes. For example, have you ever had a morning when you put on your favorite heels after a night of cocktails and your shoes seem to have shrunk after one night? The first thing you think is, “did I gain weight in my feet?” If you ended your night with some salted french fries and diet soda (thinking you would go the healthier route) at 3 a.m. that’s one thing, but the truth is, it’s the alcohol AND the resulting decisions from the alcohol.  
    High calorie cocktails can cause your skin and face to bloat, along with causing that occasional mini morning “muffin top” (that’s what Spanks are for).  Alcohol dehydrates your body and skin – your largest organ. Sadly, this happens every time you drink, and drinking too much can deprive you of vital nutrients and vitamins. A small single margarita can contain up to 400 plus calories! It’s packed with sugar that can lead to dehydration in your skin and body.   
    As a suggestion, I would say to always think about what’s in your cocktail before you order. Dose it contain fruit?  Antioxidants? Is the appearance more “smoothie” like or clear (most likely the thicker it looks, the higher the calorie and sugar it contains)?  Here are some of my favorite beverages that are filled with antioxidants and taste great at the same time.  Antioxidants “have the ability to neutralize free radicals, which are byproducts of your metabolism and of pollution, smoking and other environmental factors.”  They also have the ability to help fight disease and contain vital nutrients that our body needs such as vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene.
    1) The India Rose - D’Andra Style
     Friends, I am not a good measurer and I love everything crazy hot (as in spicy) in this case J, so feel free to adjust this cocktail to your liking. It is certainly not for the heat challenged. This is a guess on how to make it since I am not a mixologist, and I free-hand everything in my bar at home, tasting as I go.


    •      3 ounces mango nectar
    •      1 1/2 ounces vodka
    •      1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
    •       fresh tomato
    •       fresh green chili (Serrano is what I use)
    •       salt (you can also add a little masala spice if you like which is found at most groceries and Indian markets)
    •       1/2 teaspoon rose water (Some people add this and thus the name makes sense. I do not add this in my recipe, but feel free to experiment with it if you like rose water.)


    Peel the tomato (try ½ or ¼ Roma to start). Remove seeds from the chili (try ½ to 1 to start). Muddle the tomato and chili in a martini shaker. Add lime juice, vodka and mango nectar and ice. Shake vigorously. Strain and serve straight up. Garnish the rim of the glass with salt or salt/masala mixture, and if you like, a hot sliced chili… or lime wedge for the wimps!


    2) Blackberry Mojito

    Ingredients: http://forkvsspoon.com/archives/2276

    •       6-8 blackberries
    •       8 mint leaves
    •       1 ounce of Rum
    •       1 tablespoon of sugar
    •       Juice of half a lime
    •       A few ice cubes
    •       2-3 ounces of club soda


    In a glass, combine the sugar and mint leaves.  Using a muddler or a pestle, break down the mint into the sugar, releasing its oils and aroma.  Add blackberries, rum, and lime juice and continue to muddle the ingredients together.  ( I used the back of a spoon to smash the blackberries).  Add a few ice cubes and top off with club soda.  Garnish with extra blackberries and mint sprigs.


    Have a great weekend everyone! -  D'Andra Simmons

    The Miracle Behind Our Eye Cream October 22, 2013 0 Comments

    Go ahead and bat those flirty lashes without worrying about dark under-eye circles. Our revolutionary eye cream combats dark circles, fine lines and puffiness, all while smoothing, tightening, and increasing elasticity. With four trademarked ingredients and a botanical infusion, it is no wonder that this eye cream was nominated for “Best Eye Cream of the Year” even while stacked against some of the biggest names in the beauty business. Our best seller will quickly become your favorite!

    • Combats puffiness, dark circles and overall skin aging around the delicate eye area
    • Smoothes, firms and tightens 
    • Nominated by Natural Health magazine as one of the “Best Eye Creams” of the Year

    SHOP at hardnightgoodmorning.com and receive FREE standard shipping through October!

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