Hard Night Good Morning Natural Skin Care Products FAQ

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Is Hard Night Good Morning safe for all skin types?
Absolutely! No matter your age, race, or skin type, there’s a great HNGM product for you! Note: In some rare instances, people with aloe vera sensitivities can have a reaction. Please read our ingredient listings to see if there’s anything that might cause a reaction.

Do I need to use the entire Hard Night Good Morning line to see results?
While your skin will get the most benefits from using the entire line, you’ll still see great results from one or two of our products. Need extra moisture on your décolletage? Try our Nighttime Moisturizer. Eyes looking puffy and dark? Our Eye Cream can help!

The ingredient listing says “Fragrance/Parfum.” What do you use for these?
We use essential oils for all our scents. All our products are very lightly scented – we don’t want to overwhelm your delicate skin.

Why don’t you offer a scrub?
Most scrubs contain very harsh ingredients, like nuts hulls, polyethelene and seeds. Over time the use of such products can thin the skin, which results in faster aging. For light daily exfoliation, try our AM Cleanser with jojoba beads and papaya.

Why should I use a toner?
After you cleanse your skin, you need to replace some of the lost minerals and restore its acidic balance. Our Detox Toner helps restore your skin’s pH balance while contributing antioxidants to guard against free radical damage.

What’s in the Facial Cocktail Serum that makes my face tingle?
Our Facial Cocktail Serum contains niacin, which helps bring blood circulation to the skin and wake up the face. Be careful using it around the eye area when you first start using it.

What is your policy on animal testing?
Hard Night Good Morning has never tested on animals, nor will we ever succumb to that practice. We stand by our commitment to use clean and ethically sourced ingredients.

Do you offer samples?
Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer samples of our product line.  We do offer a 30 day return period (minus a restocking fee) in the event you need to make a return.

How is shipping calculated?
Standard Shipping and Handling:
Orders up to $199.00  – $9.95
Orders $200.00-$299.99 –$14.95
Orders $300-$399.99 – $19.95
Orders $400-$499.99 – $24.95
Order $500 -$599.99  – $29.95
Orders $600 and over – $34.95
3-Day Shipping – Standard shipping plus $11.00
2-Day Shipping – Standard shipping plus $13.50
Next Day Shipping – Standard shipping plus $21.00

What is your return policy?
We have a 30-Day Return Policy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return all used containers and any unused product for a refund within 30 days, less a 15% processing fee and shipping/handling charges.

Please contact Customer Service at 1.800.360.0988 to obtain a return authorization prior to mailing. Failure to obtain an authorization number will result in the refusal of the returned merchandise.

Does my state require you to charge me sales tax?
Sales tax is added to orders in the following 7 states: Arkansas, California, Georgia, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, and Washington.