Beautification Modifications April 01, 2014 1 Comment

Monday afternoon I was catching up with my husband as we drove in the car to Houston (4 hour drive), and, of course, I was frantically trying to apply my makeup for that evening’s Fotofest Auction Gala in the 3rd hour of the drive. The gala was to begin at 5:00 p.m. In the midst of our conversation, he asked me about how long and how much left I would have to do to myself to be ready for the gala once we arrived at the hotel. I smirked at him, twisted my neck and said, you mean my “beautification modifications?” He peered at me and said, “Excuse me?”  I replied, “My beautification modifications…you know, to finish my beauty regimen and be ready for tonight.”  “Yeah, that thing,” he said. I told him I would need at least 30 minutes, which in “D’Andra world” translates to an hour or so, and thankfully he knows that! I mean well, but I tend to get distracted and nervous when I need to look great for a special occasion, especially one that is all about him!

So, I thought about this term “Beautification Modifications” that I just coined (at least in my mind) and what it meant. It sounds like a building renovation project or a landscape update. Well, in the land of aesthetics, we are constantly updating, remolding, lifting, tightening, spackling and pasting to look a certain way, especially in Texas.  I mean, all kinds of things fit into this arena.

On that particular day, in that particular situation, I was able to do most of my makeup in the car, minus my eyelashes, or most certainly there would be glue all over my face, the car and most probably the car windshield! Eyelash application is not to be attempted in the car! In addition to that, I had to get completely dressed, which required a careful attempt at putting on stockings with a back-seam…always a fun venture, and hair extensions that were to be clipped in, since I am taking a break from the permanent ones for the moment (I relish my good sleep and sometimes it is fleeting with hair extensions, at least in the first week or so!).

After these items were checked off the list, it was time to pick jewelry (with my husband, Jeremy’s help), a handbag (I always have 2 options) and apply the red lipstick that is always precarious unless done at the end of a beauty regime! I always say, “Kiss me now, so I don’t look like a clown later and we both have red lipstick all over our faces.” After all these things were done, I was finally ready to attend the gala with my husband! You know what the best part of the entire process was? His beaming face when he saw the finished product and said to me, “Honey, you look absolutely stunning and I am so proud to be by your side tonight.”

Beautification Modifications:  The ways in which we preen and primp so we feel beautiful …for ourselves first, but, of course, so we appear beautiful to others too! I mean who doesn’t like a good compliment? So, go out there and feel fine about your own “beautification modifications”.  I mean, the canvas is only the place to start ;) wink, wink!