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January 10, 2018 3 min read

With the holidays over, the endless parties slowing down (thank goodness) and a new year upon us, unfortunately, many of us will soon face the winter blahs. Additionally, plenty of people are on a new eating regimen i.e. diet, so that is blah too! In some areas of the country, cool or even bitter cold, gray days lie ahead of us for the next few months, so it may be time to consider a vacation to renew our body and spirit.

Luckily, Jeremy and I purchased a St. Croix getaway at one of the many charity events we attended last year, so we are all set on a travel destination. Check that off of our list! Thinking of going to a warm, tropical island for a little R&R too? Good for you! You deserve to treat yourself to a little downtime. As you head to paradise, don’t forget to give your skin its own retreat as well.

Now is the time to let your skin renew and refresh with a little TLC. The most important thing you can do when exposing your skin to harmful and aging UVA/UVB rays is to use a good sunscreen…frequently! Most of us are pasty pale this time of year and haven’t been exposed to the outdoors in a while, so our skin is even more susceptible and will burn much easier than it does in the spring and summer when we tend to venture out more.

I rarely recommend products, but there are a few I love in the sun protection category that are highly effective. For facial sunscreens, these are the good ones: Coola's Face SPF 30 in Cucumber Matte Finish and Beauty Bioscience’s The Protector. For the body, I like a good spray sunscreen like the UV Aero from EltaMD. I have used Elta sun protection products for years, including their tinted moisturizer for a little glow and coverage.

Vacation isn’t the time to forgo your skincare routine. Remember, you are refreshing and renewing your skin while you rest from the hard holiday nights! 

For your morning regimen, use Hard Night Good Morning AM Cleanser, containing powerful botanical antioxidants to help fight those free radicals that are so damaging to the skin and allow for premature aging. Use this gentle cleanser every day to keep the skin clean and refreshed. After cleansing, applying our Eye Cream to fight all those fine lines that result from squinting when exposed to the sun is essential. Next, I encourage you to use Hard Night Good Morning Daytime Moisturizer, which drenches the skin with a light, yet highly effective drink of hydration and moisturization. Your last step will be the application of your facial sunscreen, re-applying often while in the sun.

Caring for your skin at night is just as important as protecting it during the day. Cleanse the skin with HNGM PM Oil Cleanser, a wonderfully light concoction that moisturizes, calms, and deep cleans the skin. Step two is your L22 Elixir that you will use to contour, tighten, and moisturize via a unique delivery system that penetrates into the deep layers of the skin where it produces expected results. Next, you will apply our Eye Cream to nourish, moisturize, and help eliminate dark circles. The last step in your PM regimen will be our luxurious Nighttime Moisturizer.

Enjoy, relax, and recharge those batteries before returning to reality and all the responsibilities associated with it. While you are gone, treat yourself to a massage (I love a good hot stone), schedule a mani/pedi, or making a reservation at an upscale restaurant on the beach. Vacations don’t have to be weeks or days, they can be small lengths of time away from ordinary routines that give us a little break. You are deserving of a big or small getaway that allows you to rest, relax, take care of your skin, and chase away the winter blahs. I know I am! Happy relaxing!


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