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September 13, 2019 3 min read

We are all about following your dreams and your passions. After all, Hard Night Good Morningwouldn’t be here if it weren’t for D’Andra’s dream to create a line of effective but naturally-derived skincare products. We are inspired by those who persevere and never stop chasing what they want out of life, which is why John Paul Turnham is Our Inspiration this month.

John Paul began blogging in 2017, because he saw a need to fill in the blogging community. “I honestly didn’t set out to become an influencer, more so I feel like it just naturally happened!... I had noticed that bloggers and influencers accounts tend to have a focus solely on them - what they wore, why they liked it, what they were up to. I sought out to produce a blog and Instagram that showed a collaborative effort with local Dallas influencers and products alike! This allows viewers to meet influencers they may not have come across on their own, to get to see a different side of the person they follow, or simply just enjoy seeing people come together!”

As a micro-influencer, John Paul has the ability to get to know people and brands on a more personal level. We can definitely relate to that because as a small company we get to interact with our customers more, which we absolutely love! John Paul says, “It wasn’t until recently I heard the term ‘micro-influencer’ and I think it is neat to have a niche that folks can enjoy and want to see more of. The best part about it is getting to experience new things before most folks do, such as restaurants or products. Of course, meeting new people is the cherry on top! Some events have led me to think about adding new features to the blog and some helped me meet new lifelong friends I may have never met otherwise!”

Building your brand, whether as a company or an influencer, takes focus and effort. John Paul builds his personal brand by “always being my authentic self with a splash of dashing in everything I do.” He genuinely loves meeting new people, and he hopes they can walk away after meeting him wanting to learn more.

Always working to build his brand or grow his blog, his daily hustle involves activities that will help him do just that! “My daily hustle involves me always being up to something! I start my morning off with positive thoughts and reflect on people and things I am grateful for. I enjoy being active, so chances are you can catch me trying the latest fitness studio in Dallas. Working out allows me to just focus on that moment and nothing else, which is extremely helpful when my work/life balance is off. With my love of social media, I definitely peruse Instagram throughout the day looking to be inspired by fashion, art, architecture as well as searching for Dallas bloggers who I want to feature on my blog, DashinglyTurnham.”

John Paul is definitely a boss man in our eyes, something that he says takes commitment; “Commitment to embrace challenges - because there will be plenty of them. Just because something doesn’t go your way, doesn’t mean you get to throw your hands in the air. Passion has to also exist in a boss. Where there is commitment, there is passion. Passion allows for dreams to become a reality, for you to move forward even when the going gets tough, and more importantly for you to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life; one that inspires others to reach their full potential.”

John Paul’s dedicated spirit and excitement (and of course style) serve as a reminder to anyone who is looking to follow their passion in life. D’Andra does it, John Paul does it, and you can too. He is such an inspiration to us, and we can’t wait to see more from DashinglyTurnham!

About John Paul:

John Paul Turnham is a local blogger/influencer in dashing Dallas. Born and raised in Dallas, TX, John Paul graduated from Canisius College with a Bachelor’s in Public Relations/Advertising in Buffalo, NY. He decided to move back to Dallas in 2015, having missed his family and hometown. His blog, DashinglyTurnham started in 2017, with the intention of JP becoming the "Andy Cohen" of Dallas. John Paul loves to feature and interview influencers based on a fashment (aka fashion statement) of them. Whether it's their fashion, personality, or who they are as a person, John Paul enjoys blogging and networking with bloggers and influencers. When John Paul isn't producing content, you'll find him competing on tour playing tennis against top-level players around Texas or enjoying frozen margaritas with his family at a local Tex-Mex spot. Learn more at

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