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April 05, 2018 2 min read 4 Comments

There aren’t many things that follow us from our adolescence into adulthood...thank goodness for that.  Our tastes change and luckily styles evolve—note I was a teenager in the 80’s—need I say more! There is one thing that can leave a lasting impression on a person as they age, acne scars.


These pesky scars can look different for everyone, even taking different shapes, including ice pick and boxcar, among others, even taking the form of hyperpigmentation. Ice pick scars are deep, very narrow scars that extend into the dermis. The skin looks as if it has been pierced by an ice pick or sharp instrument. Ice pick scars seem to make a small, deep hole in the skin. Some may look like a large, open pore. Boxcar scars are round or oval depressions with steep vertical sides. Wider than ice pick scars, boxcar scars give the skin a pitted appearance. Hyperpigmentation oftentimes goes away on its own, though this is not the case for everyone, while the other types of scarring can set up camp on your face and decide to stay.


One way to speed up the healing process on skin is to use aloe vera. Aloe is gentle and effective in hydrating and healing the skin, which can help when treating acne scars. Aloe vera gel can be used alone, or combined with other ingredients in products, much like the Hard Night Good Morning skin care line, which is aloe vera based. I have seen great improvement in scarred skin from using highly concentrated special aloe vera from our laboratory when experimenting with aloe as a scar healer.


Another way to treat acne scars involves something you likely already have in your home…baking soda! Mix a few teaspoons with a small amount of water to make a paste, apply to skin and wash off after a few minutes. This will allow the baking soda to exfoliate the skin. I recommend this treatment once or twice weekly, depending on how sensitive your skin is, followed by a soothing moisturizer, such as our Daytime Moisturizer.


There are many products out there that can help with hyperpigmentation. The newest product in our line, L22 Elixir, is perfect for targeting dark spots, and works best on all skin types. This revolutionary product also hydrates and soothes the skin, which is important when focusing on treating acne scars.


If you have tried natural remedies and are still unhappy with the results, there are many wonderful lasers and exfoliating treatments available at a good dermatologist. In Dallas, I recommend, Dallas Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics, where I am a frequent flyer. I see both Dr. Stetler and Dr. Polder. This is their website:


It’s important to remember to exfoliate and hydrate the skin often to treat and prevent these annoying acne scars. We recommend finding a gentle exfoliating cleanser and a solid moisturizer in addition to natural home remedies to say bye-bye to your acne scars.


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