Holiday Help Guide


December is in full swing. I will let you in on a little secret, I absolutely LOVE Christmas…the shopping, the decorating, the parties, getting together with friends and family. It’s exhausting, but oh so much fun! Party after party and toast after toast is already leaving my skin feeling dehydrated and looking a little dull at the time of the year I want to look my absolute best.  

What is a girl on the go to do?

First of all, let’s be realistic. This is NOT the time of the year to embark on a challenge like the Whole 30 Diet! Leave that for the New Year’s Resolutions.

Second, I can tell myself over and over that I am going to refrain from making merry with a cocktail at the many celebrations I will attend, but who am I kidding? Everyone else is in the holiday spirit and there is a chocolate peppermint something or other with my name on it, so sooner or later I will have fallen like the Berlin wall!

It’s time to bring on the emergency preparedness kit…the disaster relief panacea to my holiday revelry. That means making the day count by rehydrating and eating fatty foods that are good for me, and not taking shortcuts with my skincare.

Thank goodness, I just launched a new skin care product at - the L22 Elixir. This little powerhouse in a pump is the alchemy to rejuvenate my sallow complexion. It plumps, hydrates, smoothes and brightens plus much more. It puts my skin on notice to wake up and activate those lazy cells that have had a hard night and not a very good morning!

During the day, I always do my best to eat healthy if I am at the office working. This not only keeps my brain functioning at the optimum level, but also keeps my skin looking youthful. I typically eat salmon for lunch at least 3 times per week. I just like it, and if you find something you like that tastes good, you should stick with it as long as you are not bored. I avoid sugar, except for a little local honey in the morning in my coffee. I eat lots of fruits and veggies, drink a green drink and loads of water while I sit at my desk.

In my water, I put Ionic Trace Minerals, which restores any minerals I have lost in my effort to “make merry” the night before. They don’t taste great alone, but if you put about 6-8 drops in a big glass of water you won’t even notice them. I do this several times per day. I also eat an apple a day, normally at breakfast. It keeps me full, and has the benefits of fiber plus antioxidants.

During this time of year, I still always remove my makeup at night to give my skin a break. I keep to my regimen, which is important. Also, I try to fit in an extra hydrating facial, and at home, I make sure I use my masks on a regular basis.

You can get a quick facial pick me up with an oxygen facial or a Clear + Brilliant treatment at and even do your Christmas shopping while you are there. They have so many cute gifts for every friend and member of your family. I love their agate entertaining pieces. They are so chic, and stand out with a modern flair and elegant appearance that works for casual or formal gatherings. Also, I am obsessed with their sheets. I can’t sleep without them! They are a MUST BUY!

The holidays are here. Love them or hate them, they can be thrilling AND challenging, especially when they throw you off of your routine. This short duration of time may pack a long-lasting punch if not navigated with extra care. So, keep hydrated, take a little time for yourself (the hardest one to do), and keep up a good skin care program. Come January you will have A LOT less recovering to do! Happy Holidaying!

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