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October 12, 2017 2 min read 1 Comment


We sat down with D'Andra to discuss how she keeps such a glowing youthful complexion in her 40's.  Below are her current beauty secrets.

1. I always use the Clarisonic Brush with my Hard Night Good Morning AM Cleanser. I also use the MIA 1. Make sure you change the brushes out every two weeks and clean thoroughly between uses. It ensures that my face is clean and fresh and ready for the next steps in my skincare routine.

2. As a rule, I always use the Hard Night Good Morning Daytime Moisturizer before applying my makeup, however, I also use the EltaMDUV Daily Borad-Spectrum SPF 40  - I love the tinted version! It provides full SPF coverage and if I don’t feel like applying foundation I can get by with this product and a touch of translucent powder.

3. Taking care of your skin internally is just as important as externally. There are a lot of beauty drinks out there, but I have been taking our  Ultimate Living ORAC Liquid Dietary Supplement. It is the original beauty drink, power packed with antioxidants like acai, dark cherry, green tea, vitamin C, pomegranate, red wine extract and grapeseed extract, plus many more!

4. I try to get a facial once a month or at least every two months. It is my ME time and it not only allows me to relax but also rejuvenate my face! I also get massages to when I can. My favorite therapist is Tiffany Nelson. You can find her at www.tiffanyshealinghands.com and she will come to your home! Just head to bed after for a great night’s sleep or a power nap!

5. I head to Enlighten MD* to put my best face forward. It is a family business, which I love! Kari Feinstein, the owner, always takes a personal approach to every client. She will evaluate every client’s needs and customize services just for them. All of the estheticians at Enlighten MD are professional and well trained. They each specialize in particular areas from face to body contouring to makeup etc. They even have a darling boutique on site. I am 48 and recently lost 40 pounds last year. They suggested that I try the Ultherapy treatment for sagging and aging skin. I just had my 3-month follow up and booster for my Ultherapy treatment. They showed me the amazing before and after photos, and we can already see a HUGE difference in my skin. Full results will appear in 6 months, but I am already thrilled with what I see so far!

    * I am in partnership with Enlighten MD and their services were provided to me complimentary.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    Danielle Couture
    Danielle Couture

    October 23, 2017

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you on RHOD! Your skin is amazing. I look forward to being able to afford your amazing products.

    I notice a few spelling/grammatical errors on your page. If you’d like me to fix them, let me know!

    Danielle Couture

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